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How do I participate in an auction?

To become a qualified Buyer in advance of bidding in an auction, you need to register in our website. Register in our website is free. In order to participate in our auctions we may ask you for additional information and request a bid deposit. Once your account is approved you will be able to place bids in the online auctions.

Will there be any other charges once we are the successful bidder?

In addition to the bid amount, every item will be charged a Buyer Transaction Fee as well as any applicable sales taxes. You will be responsible for the full cost of transportation payable directly to the company you hire to transport the equipment.

How long do I have to pay for the equipment?

Full payment is due to within 5 days after the auction. Please ensure your financing is arranged prior to bidding to ensure that the full payment will be received on time.

Who is responsible for delivering equipment?

Buyers are responsible for transporting purchased equipment.

Will I be requested to fill out any documents for the export of the equipment?

The buyer is responsible to arrange transportation and complete any required paperwork for customs. Please contact a customs broker or freight forwarder regarding exact requirements for exporting. As part of our service to the buyer we can provide assistance with export procedures and a shipping quotation if required. Before any action we will inform you about the costs of these services. Contact us for further details.

Can Big Bid Auctions assist me in organizing transportation after the auction?

We will be happy to provide you with a shipping quotation to your required Port anywhere in the world. All documentation can be arranged by us, making buying your equipments a safe and hassle free process. Please contact or shipping team for further details.

Will Big Bid Auctions load the itens into a container if need?

No, the buyer must make arrangements for loading into containers with the buyer’s transportation company. As part of our service to the buyer, we can provide assistence to load the equipments in container if is that possible. Contact us for further details.

How do I arrange pickup?

Once full payment has been made and confirmed by our financial services we will send to the buyer by email a release confirmation with all the necessary details for the collection.

How much time do I have to pickup my lots?

The buyer must remove the lots no later than Ten (10) days after the auction closes. After the 10th business day, storage fees will apply on a daily basis. After thirty (30) days, the lots may be deemed abandoned and re-sold.

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