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2004 Caterpillar 322CLN

Track Excavator, operating weight 26 Ton, bucket capacity 1,5M3, Hour meter showing 17.450h, CE plate.

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Category: Location:Portugal - Setubal
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Ending On: 9th March 2021 2:59 pm

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SN/ BFK00444

Year: 2004

Operating weight: 26.400 Kg

Engine: CAT 3066T

Power: 150Hp

Bucket: 1,5m3

Hour Meter : 17.450H


Inspection Summary

General Appearance

General appearance – See photos for condition

Cabin / Operator Station

Cabin / Operator Station – The main components are in place and operational. See photos for condition

Chassis / Frame

Chassis / Frame – No visible cracks, no visible welding repairs. See photos for condition


Engine start and ran. No visible leaks

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic system was operational during a limited test. Inspector observed some minor hydraulic leaks., Inspector observed slow movement in one of the tracks.

Hour meter

Hour Meter – Big Bid Auctions does not confirm the observed hours correspond to the actual working hours of the equipment


Undercarriage – See photos for condition. To judge the condition in detail review the photos using the zoom feature.

Operational Performance

Engine started and worked, full transmission shifting and functionality of all drive axles cannot be fully verified. The hydraulic system was operational during the limited operations test., Inspector observed slow movement in one of the tracks., The operational test was carried out without load and in a confined area.

Notes -

Test was confined to a limited area without load, Please note that Big Bid inspections are only intended to report the visible condition of major systems and equipment components on the day of the inspection., Inspection do not include load tests or excavation / elevation., The inspection is carried out based on visual inspection of the equipment and observation of the operational performance of the equipment during a limited test in a confined area., These inspections are not intended to detect latent defects or conditions that can only be found in connection with the physical disassembly of the equipment or the use of diagnostic, Buyers are expected to carefully review all information available in the inspection report, including all photographs, in order to make the best possible bid and purchase decision., For any further questions or information please contact our customer service.

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Auction started 17th February 2021 2:59 pm

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